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 To access the Category and League of your choice, hover over Members / League / Mens or Ladies and click on the League that you wish to view. You will be presented with TWO Log Tables titled Approved and Submitted.

The Approved Table reflects the League Standings with all Scorecards that have been approved whilst the Submitted Table reflects all Scorecards that have been submitted including those Scorecards with an Approved Status.

By hovering over the Members Menu and clicking League will present you with help and a Legend of Codes used in the League Standings Tables.

If your standings are not what they should be then your team's Scorecards have not been entered and/or approved. It is encumbent on the Club to ensure that their Scorecards are entered correctly.

It must be noted these League Tables are LIVE and recalculated every time a request is made for the page. Should a Scorecard be Submitted or Approved, the very next request for that page will reflect the result of that card.

The Ranking System calculates the Rating of Players using the following criteria...

For each GAME won,  points are allocated depending on the Seed for that Match.

  1. 30 Points
  2. 20 Points
  3. 15 Points
  4. 10 Points
  5. 10 Points

If the position in the Ranking Chart is tied then the following criteria is used to determine position.

  • Rating Points
  • Most Matches Won
  • Least Matches Lost
  • Most Games Won
  • Least Matches Lost
  • Most Matches Played
  • Most Games Played

If after this criteria is reached, the Points are still the same then it is Random.


  • # - Position in League
  • Club - Club Short Name
    • ACT - Action Plus
    • CHP - Chiltern Park
    • CRU - Crusaders
    • CSV - Correctional Services
    • DCC - Durban Country Club
    • GHS - Glenwood High School
    • GIL - Gillitts Country Club
    • KER - Kersney
    • KLF - Kloof Country Club
    • LAH - Lahee Park
    • LGD - Legends
    • MID - Midlands
    • MTE - Mt. Edgecombe Country Club
    • NWG - New Germany
    • ROV - Berea Rovers
    • TOT - Amanzimtoti
    • UKH - University Howard College
    • UKW - University Durban Westville
    • WAN - Wanderers Country Club
    • WCC -Westville Country Club
    • WNG - Wings
  • T - Team (A-z)
  • MP - Matches Played
  • MW - Matches Won
  • ML - Matches Lost
  • M% - Match Winning Percent
  • GP - Games Possible
  • GW - Games Won
  • GL - Games Lost
  • G% - Games Winning Percent
  • Pts - Log Points (inc Bonus)
  • Pt% - Percent of Max. Points Available
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