Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Refereeing Policy for Coaching in SA


Policy for the presentation of Coaching and  Refereeing courses in SA  

Course application
1.       Clubs shall request the presentation of either a coaching or a refereeing course through their provincial structure who in turn will apply to the Squash South Africa Office. The prescribed forms will then be sent to the contact person who will them complete the forms and return to Squash South Africa.
a.        No clubs or Squash South Africa affiliates will be allowed to run courses without the knowledge and sanctioning of Squash South Africa

Course preparation
1.       SSA will then liaise with the affiliate, confirm the date, time and venue with the provincial/club co-ordinator.
2.       An accredited coaching or M&R SSA facilitator shall be selected to run the course
3.       The Squash South Africa Office will :
    a.        Prepare the manuals/exam papers and any other supplementary information and arrange for the literature to be sent to the co-ordinator
    b.       Liaise with the provincial/club co-ordinator regarding:
        i.      The programme
        ii.      The payments
        iii.      The necessary logistical arrangements such as the booking of the courts; balls; lights; refreshments/meals.
        iv.      Payment to the facilitators  
        v.      Administrative issues ssuch as registration forms, assessment forms

1.       Refereeing : the assessment is either completed  by the delegates themselves or by the accredited facilitators
2.       Coaching : the examination is done by the accredited facilitators
3.       The facilitators complete the assessments and forward this list to their provincial co-ordinator who in turn will forward these to Squash South Africa
4.       Squash SA updates the list of accredited referees and coaches

1.       Squash South Africa distributes the following certificates for refereeing: Level 1, 2, 3
2.       Squash South Africa distributes the following certificates for coaching: Level 1, 2, 3
3.       The provincial/Club Co-ordinator must ensure that all the prescribed forms are completed and returned to Squash South Africa.

1.       Active National or Provincial Referees that have completed the SSA M&R Facilitators course will be certified to present M&R Level 2 and 3 courses.  The course and exam must be the accredited M&R course put together by SSA.

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