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2017 KZN Squash League

- Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Based on clubs league entries received we have accommodated clubs requests wherever possible as below:(unless any changes)
1st Division:         Start 25th April 2017      – Finish +- Mid September 2017     …………..9 teams
2nd/3rd Division: Start 18th April 2017      – Finish 1st Week October 2017      ………….12/12 teams respectively
4th Division:        Start 2nd May 2017        – Finish 1st Week September 2017  …………...9 teams
5th Division:        Start 3rd May 2017         – Finish 1st Week September 2017  …………...9 teams
6th/7th Division: Start 19th April 2017       – Finish +- End September 2017      …………..11/10 teams respectively
8th Division:        Start 20th April 2017      – Finish 2nd Week October 2017     …………..12 teams
9th Division:        Start 4th May 2017         – Finish +- Mid September 2017      ……………8 teams
1st Division Ladies: Start 24th April 2017 – Finish 1st Week October 2017        …..….......10 teams

 Only 1st and 9th Divisions will not play during the week of the KZN Sanctioned tournaments which are:
KZN CLOSED : 10 – 14 May 2017
WCC OPEN: 7 – 11 June 2017
CHILTERN OPEN: 2 – 6 August 2017
With starting and finishing dates being staggered we trust the clubs will adhere to the rules by not allowing a player to play in different leagues in any week, penalty points will apply.
Lastly we have honored the request to finish league earlier in the year and trust the above meets with your approval. 

2017-02 New Professional Squash Event

- Thursday, February 09, 2017

New Professional Squash Event set to make its mark

Bull Ring Squash Events is pleased to announce that the inaugural Bull Ring Open Squash Championships will be taking place from 1st to 6th May 2017. Hosted at the exclusive Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg the event boasts prize money and prizes worth R300,000 making it the biggest Open Squash Tournament in Southern Africa.

The event is registered on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour for both Men and Women to showcase South Africa’s top professional squash players competing against their international counterparts.

But there is also plenty of opportunity for squash players of all ages to take part and play alongside these amazing athletes. Categories include Open sections for Men and Women as well as Masters and Junior sections.

CEO, Leon Gelderblom, said, “We are ecstatic to be hosting this prestigious event here at The Wanderers Club, Johannesburg. What we hope will make this event different and exciting to both the players and spectators is that there really is a category for every player. We are looking forward to meeting all of the players and wish them all the best for the inaugural Bull Ring Open.”

For more information on the event, including entry information and latest news, please visit

Bull Ring Squash Events is a new and innovative company managed by Leon Gelderblom and Phil Louw, designed to take squash to new heights. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Bull Ring Open as a sponsor, please contact Phil or Leon directly.


Leon Gelderblom
076 875 5811
Phil Louw
072 468 9027


2017-01 Newsletter

- Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On behalf of KZN Squash Union we wish all KZN squash players a healthy and prosperous 2017.
The new squash season 2017 is nearly upon us a KZN committee meeting will be held early February 2017
in order to draw up the 2017 league fixtures. All clubs 2017 league entries must reach us by end
January 2017. 

It is very disappointing to see the same club representatives attending the AGM year after year with many
clubs still not represented at the AGM at all. In future KZN Squash Union are considering enforcing that at 
least 1 member from each club attends the AGM.

Please find below a summary of events and correspondence: 

Many clubs and players felt that league went on too long hence options were discussed at the AGM and 
agreed that only 1st division will stop league during the week of KZN sanctioned tournaments. There were
also split feelings amongst clubs about stopping league for other divisions during these tournaments.

KZN committee will look at options for the other league divisions once all league entries have been received
as this will have an input on the duration of these leagues. 
 The number of teams in each division for men’s and ladies will be kept to 12 maximum excluding men’s 
1st division however there is a possibility we will reduce it to 10 teams dependent on league entries and
will try and accommodate clubs requests wherever possible.

It is apparent that many teams submit their score cards very late (weeks) after their matches have been
played and penalty points will now be imposed on them. It is also important that all captains fill in their
scorecard correctly with their player’s full name and surname.

Nola will contact each captain at the beginning of the season and inform them of the rules, this will be the
only warning given and penalties will apply to teams that don’t comply.

It was discussed and agreed at the 2016 AGM once all club league entries and a list of their club players
has been received KZN will add R120 per player to their invoice and Nola will facilitate the registering
of every player, this must be completed by 31st March 2017. KZN has correlated a form which is to
 be completed and feel this would also be a great help for clubs and the union.

In accordance with Squash SA the website has been amended to include registered members ID
numbers, race and gender. 
League fees will not be increased this year and KZN will still be offering the 10% discount for 
payment before end of March 2017. 

Our Facebook page is up and running on our web and we invite all registered members to join.

It is envisaged league will commence as follows: (dependent on number of teams entering per division and
will be subject to change with either 12/10 teams per division)

LADIES: Start: Monday 3rd April 2017
MEN: 1-4 Div Start: Tuesday 4th April 2017
MEN: 5-7 Div Start: Wednesday 5th April 2017
MEN: 8-10 Div Start: Thursday 6th April 2017

15th – 19th March 2017 - ‘LANCE SIBBALD’ OPEN @ WESTVILEE CC
5th – 9th April 2017 - BEREA ROVER OPEN @ BEREA ROVERS
10th – 14th May 2017 - KZN CLOSED @ WESTVILLE CC
7th – 11th June 2017 - WESTVILLE CC OPEN @ WESTVILLE CC
10th – 14th July 2017 - 56th JARVIS/KAPLAN @  EASTERNS
2nd - 6th August 2017 - CHILTERN PARK OPEN @ CHILTERN PARK
8th – 11th November 2017 - MASTERS DOUBLES IPT @ DURBAN

Please note that all members are invited to participate in the above KZN tournaments irrespective of which
league division you play in.

Finally will all clubs please submit your league teams to Nola by 31st January 2017 at the latest.

Yours sincerely,
KZN Squash Union 

2016 - Racketball Becomes 'Squash 57' In Global Rebranding

- Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 August 2016
Racketball, a form of squash sport played on a squash court which has grown significantly in popularity in England and has begun to take hold elsewhere, will be rebranded as Squash 57 in an initiative spearheaded by the World Squash Federation.
It was earlier this year that the WSF, in partnership with England Squash, signposted a change of name for the game, which is played with a larger ball and a shorter racket. The new name focuses on the key difference to squash - the larger ball, which has a maximum diameter of 57mm (compared with 40mm for a squash ball).
The game is a popular introduction to squash and can keep generations of players fit and active, and playing on court well into later years.
Following consultation including a questionnaire to more than 20,000 England Squash members, focus groups, and consultation with other stakeholders including international federations and equipment manufacturers, the new name has been selected.
The rebrand will ensure that the game is seen as part of the squash family, whilst also eliminating any confusion with 'racquetball', a primarily North American game played on much larger courts with no tin and a different type of ball.
WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley said: "There is no doubt that the game, already popular in England with 12,000 weekly participants, will grow to complement squash in many other countries.
"Whilst current players will doubtlessly still call Squash 57 by its old name, the change has formally been made. As it grows, Squash 57 will be seen more clearly as a discipline of squash, and may even give us greater chance of adding it to major events such as the Commonwealth and other major Games in future."
England Squash CEO Keir Worth added: "We support the WSF's position and hope that an increased synergy between squash and Squash 57 will broaden appeal and create a stronger playing community. We are excited to be working in partnership with the WSF and will drive Squash 57 to the widest possible audience."
The game will become Squash 57 from 1st October and the Squash 57 registered logo, which is available for product and general use.
Issued by Howard Harding, World Squash Federation World Media Director | 44 7773-325130
WSQ 7847 30 August 2016


SafeSquash Software

- Friday, April 25, 2014

The SafeSquash Squash Management Software is now updated and should speed up the capture of Scorecards substantially. A lot of time and effort has gone into developing this product for the Squash Community and feedback will be appreciated. Without further ado, click HERE or the "Read more..." at the bottom of the announcement where the Software and Instructions are available. It should be noted that due to Microsoft .NET Framework changes and enhancements, the older version of the software may not work as expected.



Those of you wanting to capture Scorecards will be able to do so this immediately as the updated version is available. Any other problems found should be reported to the Webmaster.

If your version is out of date it will again automatically update your installed version and refresh the required data. Constructive criticisms are welcomed and some of you have been very constructive so thank you. Please note that the software takes about 90-120 seconds to run the first time as it has to refresh the offline data from the website.

If you have a problem you cannot resolve, and cannot run the program, do the following.

  1. Select Start / Control Panel on your Task Bar
  2. Select Programs and Features on Windows 7+ or
    1. Add/Remove Programs on XP
    2. Programs on Vista
  3. Click on SafeSquash and select Remove
  4. Once the Program is uninstalled
    1. Select Install / Capture from this link
    2. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer for best results
  5. Login and Ensure the following:
    1. Select Region: KZNSquash
    2. Username: (Your KZN Username)
    3. Password: (Your KZN password)
    4. Select Remember me if you are using your own personal computer
  6. Ensure that those of you using Coporate Firewalls have Port 14330 open in order to connect to the SafeSquash database.

There are several reasons why the Logon can fail...

  • You are using the incorrect logon credentials
  • Passwords are case-sensitive
  • You are behind a firewall and port 14330 is blocked
  • You do not have a valid internet connection
  • The site may be temporarily down (very rare)
  • You have not chosen the correct Portal (eg: KZN Squash)

TIP: Click the Remember Me checkbox so that you do not have to type in the information every time,
NOTE: Do not check this option on public computers!


Lotto Communication

- Tuesday, February 25, 2014

During July 2013 the NLDTF engaged in discussions with KZN Squash, which eventually culminated in our application being approved during September 2013. All expenditure incurred has to be in alignment with the actual application and is subject to regular audit by NLDTF.
The purpose of this communication is to advise you of our current and proposed initiatives.

Click Read more... for further information

 read more ...

National Rankings

- Friday, August 24, 2012
The S.A. National Rankings are now included on the site and can be viewed by clicking Read More... or this link... National Rankings
 read more ...

Welcome to the KZN Squash Site

- Monday, January 09, 2012

Our website has also been improved, updated and is now user friendly. Please be patient while we implement further changes and visit this site often. You will have received an email informing you of your login Name and Password. If you have not recieved this information yet, please be patient while we update our database.  When you receive your login information please ensure that your Profile information is up to date and accurate. Once you login, you will have access to areas of the site such as Fixtures, Player Information and Scorecards in addition to League Tables, Statistics and Ratings. 

Fixtures: To download the fixtures hover over the Members tab, select download and click on the KZN League Fixtures file that will give you both the mens and ladies fixtures for all divisions.

Scorecards: To download a printable Scorecard, do exactly the same as for Fixtures and click on the download link next to the Scorecard item.

It should be noted that KZN Squash Union do send out a limited amount of communique's to ensure that all Members are up to date with information pertaining to the growth and activities within the region. Whilst every effort is made to limit the amount of information sent to all members, it is incumbent upon all Members to receive these updates.

Wishing all our players an enjoyable League Season!!!




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