Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mission Statement

Our Vision
Our vision, at the Kwazulu-Natal Squash Union is to successfully promote the game of Squash to all members of our local community, regardless of race, colour or creed.
We will achieve this by making Squash the game of choice to our chosen community, and we will differentiate ourselves from other sports through the successful promotion of Squash as an enjoyable and highly organised sport to play - with easy access of play to Squash courts throughout all our local Kwazulu-Natal Squash member clubs. This aim will be supported by the excellence of our service from the Kwazulu-Natal Squash Union, where all the members and players in our Union are treated as our valued customers.
Our Values
In achieving our Vision, we commit ourselves to the following values:
1.            A passion for Squash that is shared by all elected officials at the Kwazulu-Natal Squash Union.
2.            A strong partnership relationship with our Squash members and players, in which we all enjoy the sport of Squash to mutual benefit.
3.            A code of ethics from all in our Squash community, defined by integrity, helpfulness, respect and understanding.
4.            Service and response practices from the Kwazulu-Natal Squash Union that enable us to be quick and responsive to meet each of our Squash player’s individual needs.
5.            A culture of constant improvement, driving innovation and excellence in the game of Squash.
6.            On-going investment in coaching, and knowledge of the marking and refereeing rules, by all those involved with the game of Squash.
7.            Intelligent management of the Kwazulu-Natal Squash Union to ensure sustainable growth in players, and that adequate funding is always available to maintain our Union.
8.            Open and accurate communication about the game of Squash at all levels within our local community, and at National level.
9.            The strong belief that all those involved with the game of Squash in Kwazulu-Natal are committed, motivated, enthusiastic, extraordinary people.


In Loyalty to Squash
Dave Stevens

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